Public Ashtray Finder

Public Ashtray Finder

You can search, report and vote ashtrays around you. Public Ashtray Finder is a map application that you can take part in.
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Find ashtrays quickly!

You can find the location of public ashtrays easily. Without any input of such place names.

Let's make together!

Public Ashtray Finder is made up of location reports from you. Please give me also "place report" once you use.

Keep accuracy by voting!

Once you try use the ashtray, the ashtray had been removed. At that time, please vote for the presence of ashtray all means.

"I want to smoke" At that time, you will be able to find quickly.

Have you ever been in troubled by the absence of ashtray around you?
At such times, this app looks for the location of the ashtray near you. On Google Maps.

"Let's make together!" Using the location reporting function!

Let's report it using the GPS location of the ashtray that you using. You can report any time a new ashtray by using the location reporting function.

Keep accuracy by "vote"!

In some cases, ashtray you were trying to use has been removed. In such a case, by all means, vote the presence or absence of the ashtray in the "voting function" in order to provide better information.


Q1.Ashtray was not found around me.
Ashtray is not registered yet. Please report the ashtray.

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