Using Desktop VisualizeR with SiMi Folder

Create shortcut within SiMi Folder

Home launcher uses built-in icon for folders. It is because that Desktop VisualizeR cannot change folder icons. We introduce using SiMi Folder with Desktop VisualizeR to fully customize your folder like shortcuts or widgets. First of all, download SiMi Folder Widget from Google Play Store and launch it and tap “Shortcuts” > “Add Shortcut” then select “Desktop VisualizeR”. Desktop VisualizeR will be launched and you can configure icon and action.


Add folder in SiMi Folder

Now you can create a folder that contains shortcut which you created.
Tap “Folders” > “Add Folder” and input folder name and tap “Folder type” selection. You should select “Shortcut Folder” or “Combined Folder” as its folder type. Select “Combined Folder” in this example and input folder name, then tap “Save”.

Add shortcut in folder

Now you can select the folder that created. At first folder has no contents in it. You should add shortcut to the folder. From the top of SiMi Folder, tap “Folders” > the folder you created > “Add” > “Shortcut” and check ON the shortcut that you created then tap “Save”.


Set SiMi Folder as widget action

Now put Desktop VisualizeR widget and tap it to configure. Tap “Select Action” button and select “Other” > “SiMi Folder” and select the folder you created.


Customize folder appearance

You may not be satisfied by SiMi Folder default appearance. You can change appearance by launching SiMi Folder and select folder and “Settings”.