Using clipboard sample

Send mail directly

Copy mail address text into the clipboard and launch Desktop VisualizeR and tap “Set Action” > “Clipboard”. Applications for sending mail will be listed. Please select application to use. If you want to default application, select “[Default app]”. If the default application is not set, you’ll see completion dialog when you launch.
For example, please choose someone in your Contacts (or People) app, long press Email address, then select “Copy to clipboard”. And launch Desktop VisualizeR and tap “Select Action” > “Clipboard”.

Call or send SMS directly

You can set action that calling or sending SMS directly with the same way. The difference is copying not mail address but phone number.

Browse web site directly

You can also create shortcut to browse web page. For example, if you are using Dolphin Browser, long press address bar and select “Copy url” before launching Desktop VisualizeR.